"EQUESTRIA RESTAURANT" , Germantown (Mem), TN   March 05, 2003

Category: Other stuff
Date: 07 March 2003


This restaurant in suburban Memphis, TN was sold by Lifestyle Ventures to a local investor group, and the chef, a Ms Valerie Morris.

Equestria has lots of potential but it falls short in many ways. First, Memphis has no real, vast experience with "fine dining". Memphis is overshadowed by a social history highlighted by bad barbeque, and cheap chain food. The palates are not the palates of say Chicago, NYC, or even Nashville or Atlanta.

Chef Morris advertises that she serves prime grade meat. Perhaps her suppliers are bullshitting her, and ripping her off. A prime filet at Equestria is NOT the same prime filet served in any NYC steakhouse....period. The freshness of the seafood is doubtful. "Fresh" may be "fresh-frozen" I guess...or "flash frozen". No matter, the seafood is suspect...but there again most patrons in Memphis don't eat fish...they go out to eat BBQ, nachos, bad Mexican, burgers and fries, and pub grub .

Memphis is not a mecca for fine dining, and Equestria misses the mark. The people who travel to Memphis for business, or move their families to Memphis from other knowledgeable cities will be thoroughly dissappointed.