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Re: History and Now

From: Nicholas Morcom
Category: Other stuff
Date: 07 March 2003


The world is not made up of Western imperialists and poor 3rd worlders America desperately wishes to enslave. Imperialism is dead. What America proposes to do in Iraq is precisely what it did in Japan. That is not imperialism. It is called freedom. I think this conflict doesn't have that much to do with oil. The region's importance is greatly magnified by the existence of this resource and so our actions ARE affected, but not overwhemingly so. We signed a cease fire under which Iraq was to disarm. 12 years later and no compliance. As for America being heartless, I would ask this: how many Iraqis are tortured to death each year? What methods are used? How many are excecuted? Imprisoned for free thought? Starved because Sadaam places no value on their lives? How many more years will he rule? MOST IMPORTANTLY: will the suffering be more than that caused by an American attack? America at the very least can promise Iraqis two things every man, woman and child deserves...freedom and a greater chance for prosperity. They danced in the streets when we liberated Kabul (like many cities in Europe half a century ago) and they will dance in the streets of Bagdaad. I don't know why I posted this anyways. The war is going forward. It's like arguing over whether the sun should rise tomorrow. Maybe 2 years from now we can visit a free Iraq and you can tell them how much better they were with Sadaam.

Take it easy, Nick

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