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2nd World War

From: RS
Category: Other stuff
Date: 07 March 2003


1939-1945. Germany, united in the 19th Century and a very powerful nation with extensive industry and a large army, invaded other countries for expansion and enslavement. Britain fought to prevent it becoming the master of the whole of mainland Europe. America was drawn into the war when it was attacked by Japan (also a powerful and unified nation) it's competitor for Pacific domination. Agter the war was over America assisted in the rebuilding of ruined nations, encouraging democracies as long as the people did not vote for left wing parties. Two common misconceptions: Allies did not fight germany because it was nasty to jews, or for any other selfless reason, they fought it because it attacked their interests. Rebuilding of these countries was to create large markets for American goods, not to create nice democracies for happy people. Do you see any differences between 2nd war and 2nd gulf war??? Do you see why it is called imperialist> i.e because it is unprovoked and only to expand US power over oil.

If you wish to compare the situation you might conclude that we should form an alliance to attack America, it breaks treaties such as kyoto, has no respect for international law, is internally racist, and is a threat to the world with its enormous power. It's wonderful prosperity has left unenrichended most of the world including Africa, South america, etc.

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