Roxy Walsh at Mobile Home Gallery London March 2003

From: RS
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 22 March 2003


Mobile Home was fortunately not one of the coalition cruise missile targets. Roxy's opening seemed unaffected by the double whammy of war beginning and the central line in its death throes.

Her watercolours on framed paper and wall paintings share a love of the poetry of images. The parts says more than the whole, a bit of something sends the mind racing. Is it a piece of broccoli, a tree, or the human heart. Because it is a picture it can be all three, more easily than a word.

The best of her paintings have bold shapes and just a few small details. Thinking of Morris Louis veils, the height of the abex, where the colour space allows one to escape into the painting.

Sometimes the pieces she plays with become twee and annoy you. The artist with her brush is too much in your face, and the painting far away then.

The mountain on the wall with its early renaissance tree seemed very natural. maybe it was not a mountain.