From: John Blul
Category: Other stuff
Date: 25 March 2003


People say war is bad because people die. Yet it is exciting on tv, and maybe there would be more adrenaline if you were there. Is it ok to risk our lives? (agreed better odds if you are UK/US)

Maybe it would not be bad to make war, that is kill people, maybe die. Was this not one of the old ideas of martial civilisation before contemporary capitalism. How would you like to be an Iraqi? Rationally, not very much, irrationally it might be an interesting time(ancient Chinese curse).

Comic aspects: US keep killing UK soldiers.... Stockmarket rises and falls....American flag(not Imperialism)....sinking feeling.... small numbers of US UK people dying, figures have absurd arithmetic quality... frightened Americans....Iraqis bellicose....sinking feeling about whole affair.....news which never changes.

Protestors are tedious. Warriors cowardly. Bush evil evangelical Christian. Saddam maddman.Burning reeds. Every moment we hope for progress. Let's take Baghdad. Hopelessly gun(g) ho. Can't resist the bugle.