The great ocean road -near melbourne australia

From: Murray Scholl
Category: Other stuff
Date: 17 April 2003


The sea is love, I said seeing the sun set over the pacific. The great ocean road seems to begin somewhere around the horrible town of Geelong and continuesuntil your petrol and civilization run out.

We rested one night in Apollo Bay and I barbecued steaks on a coin operated barbecue, and I fell asleep on the sofa drunk from the sea air, the laughter of friends, and dry sparkling wine. The sky over Apollo bay, so disappointing a place compared to the promise of its name, is dark with upside down stars and the sea comforting you with its roar to guide you.

Australia was the first place I saw nature. The rain forest and the sea not civilized by too many little houses and towns with amusement arcades. Nature, for I who had not seen it before as it no longer exists in Europe or America or most continents, frightened me because I had not seen it before. There was nothing to compare those cliffs and empty beaches with. No people seemed to have arrived yet. Nature scared me. It was new and not comfortable in my brain. I panicked and searched for comparisons, finding none I was left alone with what I saw.

At the final town before we turned inland and back to Melbourne, I walked barefoot through the settlement, to the petrol station which is also the fish and chip shop. Cute, we ate many fried scallops, oysters, crayfish, and fish, from the sea we had swum in on a picnic table by the beach. It seemed like California in the fifties. The car home I laughed until I slept. The sea is love.