Nandos Chicken Restaurant Soho

From: JJ
Category: Other stuff
Date: 10 May 2003


This is the flagship of the piripiri chicken empire. Though I recently read an article on how they raise this meat to fatness, and it didn't sound very nice. This Nandos is smarter than the rest, more a place for a real meal, not fast food, and groups of office lads were enjoying the addition of a few cheapish wines to the menu. It was packed on a Friday, and it's leather boothes and dark wood contributed to the wonderful atmosphere.

Stomaching my animal cruelty concerns, I tucked into half a chicken, medium chili, and two sides of corn and chips. Pretty good, said I, munching my half a chicken's liver and clearing the meat off its bones. The brilliance of Nandos is off course that you pay before you sit down, so no annyoing signallign for a waiter and tipping and waiting to leave and dividing the bill, and secondly you fill and refill your soft drink yourself. So no ordering embarrasssing tap Water or getting thirsty, just overconsumption of Coke. And its pretty cheap about 8 all in. they have some no new desserts as well. Perhaps next they'll go free range, and we'll be able to eat without guilt.