Skin Colour

From: Jasper
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 18 May 2003


"Why the English are obsessed with skin colour": (translation why do some parts of english liberal culture, a tiny minority of the whole population, emphasize the need to comabt racism)

because people with black skin in England, are in general poorer than those with white skin.

because most people still believe the colour of your skin indicates the content of your character.

because white people (even non-English white people) still attribute general negative characteristics to those who have other skin colours.

because the history of racism (slavery, holocaust, native americans, conquest of south America etc.) is so awful that it demands respect.

because racism against black people, and other cultural and racial groups, is still widespread, and affects people on a daily basis.

because racism is stupid and vulgar, and we want no more of it.