the leopard a film by visconti

From: david
Category: Films
Date: 24 May 2003


The best film I have seen in years. Visconti frames buildings and people and battles beautifully. Suddenly making the world big, and widescreen again. There is depth and colour, appropriate to painting, Goyas majas I kept thinking, With a touch of Velazquez's doorways.

These words make the film sound boring and arty, but it's not, because there is much social humour, and melodrama as well. The actors are beautiful, and the Sicilian air intoxicating. Still the old problem of film is there, when its over, it fades too quickly, the spectator has not chewed the meat enough, not entered the characters minds, just been dazzled by their splendid surfaces. The images entered my dreams though. And I waltzed and fought and squandered.