Wolfgang Tillmans tate britain UK

From: RT
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 06 June 2003


"You know it's really wonderful the way he mixes up the images, you can see he's thought about the details which go together. I like that there are lots of different subjects. Some of the photos are beautiful. There's a lot of connections you notice" Such was opinion as this slightly downbeat opening featuring popcorn, toffee apples, and overly fruity unalcoholic cocktails. I would have killed for a hotdog.

Tillmans by RT: banal juxtapositions of magazine quality images posing as insight into the randomness of our connected universe. In other words just a bunch of ok photos stuck to the wall in an arty higgledy-piggledy way,> nothing special. But so good in our times that we are treated to a retrospective of this young man. All the other artists must be really shit and have no ideas or talent. Otherwise why is this guy top dog. Hot dog.