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June 15, 2003

From: Artscape Magazine
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 15 June 2003


" ANGEL ORENSANZ: A BURNING UNIVERSE " 12 June- 30 November, 2003

A Venice centered program of exhibitions, performances and interventions brought the artistic discourse of Angel Orensanz to world attention this Summer. The focus of his presence in Venice is a six month retrospective of his work "Burning Imageries" at Palazzo Malipiero (June 12 through November 30), and a major steel sculpture temporary installation in Lido: "Homage to Luis Bunuel" that will be part of the OPEN 2003 (August 27 to October 5).

Over the last three decades Orensanz has developed one of the most personal and creative bodies of work in sculpture, works on paper, video, performance and photography. Orensanz, a Spanish born and New York permanently based artist, develops an intense transnational approach to the production and presentation of his work: from Berlin to Paris, Tokyo to Florence, Central Park to Red Square, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Dusseldorf ."He provides a frame of deconstruction that resides within the permanent as both a temporal incursion and an aesthetic dissembling that alters not so much the original but its perception" comments American art essayist Carlo McCormick.

Orensanz brings to the Venice already art saturated season an all encompassing rapport between object and gesture, concept and environment, and an unparalleled freshness and energy. He is the subject of some ten monographs by Pierre Restany, Thomas McEvilley, John Spike, Donald Kuspit, Calvin Reed, Elmar Zorn and many others. Venice lends a very congenial setting to Orensanz's work. He works all his projects from one of the most beautiful buildings in New York, that houses a foundation that carries his name and that is a strong reference in Manhattan's cultural landscape. Palazzo Malipiero (ground floor), S. Marco 3021, Venice (Boat station S. Samuele, vaporetto n. 82 front Palazzo Grassi) Opening hours 10-00-18.00,Closed on Mondays

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