the perfect roast lamb: the most delicious lamb you will ever eat or your money back

From: Jasper
Category: Other stuff
Date: 18 July 2003


The first rule is fatty shoulder not leg. Shoulder is cheaper and has better flavour and cooks moist.

Now turn up your oven as high as it will go. Imagine you are a greek shepherd roasting a young member of your flock split on a spit over the hottest coals.

In a pestle and mortar, bash up garlic, rosemary, salt, and chili flakes. Then add two spoons olive oil, and mush it some more. Take this delicious liquid and slather it over your shoulder. Pushing some into any pockets in the meat. Grind some pepper over the beautiful carne.

Now put it in a metal pan in the oven. The key is now to turn it after 15/20 minutes, like it's rotating rotisserie style. The high heat seals the fatty meat, keeps it juicy, and creates a delicious crisp exterior. In fact most roast meat benefits from this technique (a whole chicken, pork etc). Turn it again 15 mins later.You can reduce the heat at this point to gas mark 6 or equivalent.Basically turn the oven down a bit to avoid charcoaling it.

A half shoulder to feed two greedy people or three bores, takes about 1hour 30 mins, to be well done, but use your eyes to judge when to take it out. ( and it's not well down in a dry way).Let stand 10 mins on counter, at risk of shitty flies.

It is sensationally good. In winter I suggest potatoes, roast onions, gravy etc.,in summer couscous, and salad. I alway eat all meat with mRs Balls Chutney and a little chilli sauce. But don;t let that put you off.

Buon appetito.