Channel 4 television UK,  thursday night  tv show called Porn: a family business

From: Jane Devers
Category: TV
Date: 25 July 2003


Sex Toys Chronicling the day-to-day life of a family business working in California's pornographic film industry. In tonight's episode, the family expands its business into a new product market - sex toys.

That is the listing from the channels's website http://www.channel4.com

The show is very watchable, although sometimes you sense it's a bit contrived for the cameras. The main character is the boss of the company whose nom de plume is Seymour Butts (in a previous episode we found out his liking for anal sex derived from his first girlfriend who only permitted this form to preserve her virginity). The gimmick is that his whole family are involved in the business and are very supportive. This documentary works because they have genuine charm and youngish Seymour great ambition. The dead pan seriousness with which they take themselves is amusingly contrasted with their sexual openness, for example last night Seymour and his mother were discussing his idea rubber donut used for shortening the length of oversized penises, and Seymour was having a meeting with a manufacturer about his new product. This reality TV we are sated with , but occasionally it surprises us with such absurdity that we smile again. A must see.