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Re: Paris City of Art Royal Academy London UK

Category: Other stuff
Date: 01 August 2003



About the English royalties.

They persecute people with accuses not of their business for stealing things from above. They do so because they hate us if they didnít no one should have hurt us from below. Sheís frigid this fucking tart Bowling thatís why he tries too hurt us as much as he can. Prince Charles is crazy in love with this frigid monster and tries too stealing everything from us so she will be a bit more happier in bed when he has no talent. They are swine and destroy everything for my child and me just for being more better in bed as sheís not this monster when sheís frigid like a stone. The whole dirty family is involved and just hurt people for winning like get I touch with my neighbours and say what so ever to let me be disarmed so frigid Bowler is the highest of the world. Sheís a swine this lady thatís for sure. Heísí disturbed coming too us for hunting something he never gets any how. Let this be spread all over London. Amen. They always say things for lying like Iím dirty ore something when itís them started this with rough calumny and defaming and no one defend us but from him above. Let it be spread what they say and do against us for ever. Amen. They tries too steals things by putting the blame on innocent people. But these people are not at all as they say itís them like that and they are awful liars and defamers. They are bloody swine these people. This Bowler has poisoned a whole world and ought too lay down and be death. Heís a bloody swine and pursues people until they dead thatís why the same shall happens too them. Now this shall be well knowed all over England how he pursued a lot of better people because high grove has nothing up from the start. Now they must get killed from how they are. Amen. They suffer from mental diseases pursuing a child. They are swine these people and persecute a child for nothing when itís nothing they will keep from this persecution. Heís a bloody swine and say what so ever about people he pursues. About me he say I want too shoot the head of at his frigid Blower. Itís not true I just sad so when he intercoursed for me too se. Heís always like that awful too look at and awful too smell because he never smells good. He says Iím stupid thatís why I write this too explains for everyone how cruel and awful in behaviour he is. They are swine and hurt people for their own pleasure. Heís a swine and protects Bowling as if sheís his property. They want everything in heaven too falls down for them too have without any respect for us. She still disturbs me although I forbid her then everything she had in heaven shall get broken and fall down for us too have. Amen. Heís such a swine the say just straight out in whatever about them he purses. He a greedy and a arrant rascal and ought too be put in yale. They threats I shall loos my life if it doesnít falls from heaven. Itís not like that I loos my life if it falls then it shall stay for ever. Amen. Heís a swine stealing from poorer because Bowling is frigid. He always pester people and when they answer back he pester them like hell like his evil monster Pamela Bowling always pesters and expecting him to defend her when one answer that bloody bastard female back. Heís disturbed and up too a lot of power at other peopleís expenses. He says Bowling shall have such things from above because sheís more ďhigh in societyĒ. But that is not right when sheís lower in spirit and thatís for ever. Amen. It shall stay up there as long as we live because they are lying. Amen. Heís a swine just using his position for hurting people below. They are bloody swine and shall not have any.

From one they persecute.

Ann Madeleine Fjellstrom

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