bridget riley @ tate britain 03.08.2003

From: janet wang
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 03 August 2003


now that many shows are open to the public at no cost, laying down six quid for an entry fee is a big commitment. in this case, the investment is justified: once you manage to weave your way through the simultaneously side-stepping audio-guided tourists, you will be confronted by the bold and impossibly perfect optical illusions that are bridget riley's paintings.

the lusciousness of her colours (though often just bold black and white) is undermined by the pure spectacle - simply walking by a canvas may well knock a viewer on her back end. dizzying, illusory depths can be found in each deceptively 'flat' pattern of lines which seem to undulate and vibrate. a small side room containing her obsessive notes, sketches of schemes, and numerous plottings of lines and color on graph paper explain the processes behind each perfect painting.