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Comedy Three Fat Fish Exeter 27/07/03

From: Chloe Kimber
Category: Other stuff
Date: 14 August 2003


Three Fat Fish Exeter, Devon 27/07/03

Neuroses make great comedy. They serve to allow the comedian to come to terms with whatever insecurities they have and make people laugh into the bargain. Twenty three year old Matt Kirsham knows he looks young for his age - he has some advice for others in the same boat:

‘ Go into a park and expose yourself to strangers and they’ll be the ones who get arrested’.

He has a lot of jokes on this and other taboo subjects - paedophilia, masturbation, and data entry (!).

His act is laced with references to his schooldays. He said art student were the worse of all school bullies – ‘ They write ‘wank’ on your back in glue, cover it in glitter.’

He is promising fresh (faced), sharp comic talent. He has toured the country with his act, so look out for him.

Tonight’s event encourages local talent, and local self-styled ‘rap artist’ Pasty B is no exception. He exerts energy and enthusiasm on stage, rapping Cornish style he is Cornwall’s own B Boy( B in this case stands for ‘Bumpkin’). Pasty B is a south west flavoured , funky, vital comedian.

The main act of the evening is Australia’s Chris Wainhouse. He is an ironic, sick, surreal, dark twisted comic entity. He is difficult to categorise, because his appeal is wide, his humour multi-faceted. It volleys between outrageous observations, childlike, kooky remarks and angry rants.

He narrates odd, sad, funny, goofy anecdotes, and fuse elements from one quirky story to another. His act comprises of irreverent nuggets of humour like:

‘I wanted to get stoned so badly I smoked the hash button off my phone.’

‘ God was a woman. Otherwise she would have protected testicles with more than just skin’.

The topical: ‘Bin laden has a new range of sex dolls out- they blow themselves up’.

The childlike: ‘’I thought the thesaurus was a book about a dinosaur’.

He seems to be the kind of comedian that needs comedy to get issues off his chest, like it’s his therapy. His dark edged view of the world is compelling and unique. Chris Wainhouse and Matt Kirsham have and continue to appear countrywide on the comedy circuit. Look out for them.

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