pj harvey at the eden project 15.08.03

From: janet wang
Category: Other stuff
Date: 19 August 2003


the setting was lush, clean, and felt quite intimate - despite there being 4,000 people there. the beer bottles were being recycled religiously and only one guy started hooting and hollering obscenities during the entire concert. sticky floors and broken glass? not here - instead there was soft grass underfoot, nice balmy summer air and picnics.

and aside from the crowd - for her first performance in the uk for the last two years, polly jane harvey is one rocking chick, amazing guitarist, and isn't shy about wearing short frocks (kylie would've been jealous). as for her "bedside manner" - she is strangely reticent for someone who would have been screaming like a (musical and in tune) maniac a second before. we pretty much only got "thank you" between each song, and at the end of her set "thank you...very much."

i can't tell you the song order or the numbers in her set, and i even missed elbow as the opening act because i was lost somewhere in the humid-warm biodome. as we climbed to the top of the quarry at midnight, she was still belting out her encore songs, fireworks were going off, and the staff were actually smiling. it was the most wonderfully odd and surprising concert i've been to this year.