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Syd Barrett where are you?

From: S.J.D
Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 August 2003


Remember a day back in 1967 when flower power was at it's height. Sgt Pepper floated in the air through scented smoke and a Cambridge man tripped his life away.

Pink Floyd were monsters in the 1970's but back in the late sixties the Piper and his band were mere pop sensations of the day. Their first hit 'Arnold Layne' a song about a man stealing ladies knickers was a bizarre british urban pop classic that launched the group on a crusade across Britain and till the ill-fated America tour. 'Games for May' later titled 'See Emily Play' was played at a festival called Games for May at the Albert Hall where hundreds of flowers were trampled into the plush carpets.

The Piper at the Gates was released and David Jones really enjoyed the Wind and the Willows, middle earth characters that dear Syd conjured. But fame has it's downsides and Syd's behaviour was slightly getting out of hand, with all the drugs and touring - turned the Piper into a Vegetable Man, so Syd screamed the last scream. His multiple personality slipped into reclusive mode so the Floyd decided to give him the slip.

The Madcap laughs and Barratt were the only two albums Syd created after the Floyd. A task not worth completing David Gilmour gave a helping hand. Only stand out tracks on these harsh records are 'Wine and Dined' and 'Terrapin'. Since then Syd has been sighted and talked about but the Piper will not talk instead he paints and listens to jazz.

Now nearing sixty, the days of flower power have long gone - this old man is a history lesson for the youth of today.

Where are you Syd? Painting I hope

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