BBC tv show about racism with Adrien Childs

From: Yusuf
Category: Other stuff
Date: 21 August 2003


The podgy presenter kept asking why don't we celebrate white culture? Why aren't black schools or all asian neigbourhoods examples of racism?

... Duh, think about it. First question, White culture, meaning european culture is constantly celebrated, it is what most western people just accept as the only culture. If he means white english culture, then this too is constantly celebrated, from football to great britons, to the proms, to cricket, to everthing. Dominant cultures just don't need to identify themsleves with labels, the dominant white culture labels all others.

Secondly racism exists in context, not in a vacuum. After centuries of violent discrimination, genocide, slavery, by white people, we tend to view prejudice by whites as less acceptable, and more dangerous (because white people have so much more power) than prejudices amongst the non-whites. The reason non-whites need to identify and promote their cultures is partly as a reaction to centuries of denigration and ignorance.

Think about it BBC guy. His use of the expression inter-breeding, also smacked of an overly biological view of racial difference, we are all part of the same species, we have sex, we don't breed, or inter-breed, even with people with people with different coloured skin.