Old friends are  for clinking 27.08.03

From: Jessica Hill
Category: Other stuff
Date: 27 August 2003


New friends are so much more ready to jump in to the Abyss with you, old friends want to cheers the old days. It's almost like me and old friends are cheersing and cellebrating the old days all the while, when once we used to be new to one another and were so ready to jump and leap in to the things unknown. We've all got new friends now to do that with. In small ways I reckon that this reminds us of the old days we spent with our now old friends, then new. We've past over knowledge to one another in a kind of historical existenze sort of way and now have the will to exchange this with new friends, like procreation.

I love old friends because they are like temples of the past, and New ones are postmodern, as postmodern as you want them to be and they really get that, you see them really understanding that. With old friends even if they do actually get that which I assume they don't you still wouldn't be able to see it. There's a wall that obstructs you from knowing too much about them 'now' which lets you move onto new relationships.

New friends make us feel new, give us new starts. Most of all new friends listen in ways that old friends do not. I have an old friend that talks so much that she actually annihilates the meaning of talking. This is a really extreme example but in a strange sense because she talks so much I don't really need to listen to what shes going to say next because I know. As long as my brain is working on the same level as her I don't really need to think, Im just there as matter. It's a bit like meditation. All old friends are simular to this example, semi conscious, we know...

New friends, we know very little. A very exciting time because your still dealing with the big issue of trust, a dilapidating emotion if one has the misfortune of having very little. Don't worry...experiment with that, it works better to work with it.

As it goes I love my old friends, I can count them all on one hand and a finger. We have all gone different ways and are leading different lives as alot of you can relate to. Long live them! Lets just say that old friends are for clinking to never neglect the past and new friends are for jumping in to the void with. The sublime void...