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Live Forever BBC2 Storyville

From: Parklife
Category: TV
Date: 28 August 2003


Maybe the 90's was really great because the nation were all on eee's? Blur or Oasis who gives? I say big publicity stunt. New Labour the sponsor?

The Stone Roses were raising the profile of indies bands as the 1980's ended. People were pretty bored with Conservative Britain and a change was in the air. Damon was in Colchester planning big things, Justin Frishman was dating Brett Anderson and Liam was stealing mountain bikes. Jarvis had been on the circuit for 10 years and still not cracking it. It seemed that The Roses were going from strength to strength but with rifts in the band and fuelled by drugs the band lost it's nerve.

American grunge was doing it's round with Nirvana at the helm but soon old Curt couldn't hack the pressure.

Indie band profiles were raised in and around 1992 with Suede's first release which won them a Mercury Prize. Blur went head on with Suede in the first round of battle of the bands. The Brit Pops had begun.

1994 - 1997 was a big time for the Brit bands one after the other they came and went, Sleeper, Menswear, Supergrass, Kula Shaker. But the two great bands of the nineties were only Oasis and Blur. Oasis were gritty Northerners who didn't give a shit. Blur public school boys with cockney Slang - though Damon was actually brought up in London for eight years before moving to Colchester.

Live Forever is a good anoth look back at the 1990's in Britain but lacks input from bands. Damon, Liam and Noel give their views and they are interesting but after that it is all fueled by New labour. Maybe sponsors of this documentary?

Will we ever have another great band rule Britain like Oasis.

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