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Make bread

From: theyounghegelians
Category: Other stuff
Date: 30 August 2003



INGREDIENTS: PER LOAF OR 8 ROLLS half a kilogram of STRONG/BREAD FLOUR (a bag is 1.5kg) two rounded teaspoons SALT 6 grams DRIED YEAST 11 fluid ounces WATER (a half-pint is 10) 1 fluid ounce OIL some SESAME SEEDS (optional) for WHITE BREAD ONLY you also need: 3 rounded tablespoons DRIED MILK 4 rounded tablespoons BRAN INSTRUCTIONS: WASH YOUR HANDS. Sieve the FLOUR into a LARGE BOWL- if you are using wholemeal or granary flour, bits will be left in the sieve- mix them in as well. Keep a small amount of flour aside for later. Mix in the SALT, DRIED YEAST and (for WHITE BREAD) the DRIED MILK and BRAN. Measure out the WATER, which should be BODY TEMPERATURE. Add the OIL to the water, then pour into the bowl. MIX with a SPOON until it begins to stick, then mix with your HANDS. Cover your hands with FLOUR first to stop them getting too sticky. Dust down a CLEAN surface with the spare FLOUR, then KNEAD the DOUGH for several minutes, pushing, pulling, pummelling and squashing it. Put the DOUGH back into the BOWL, covered with GREASED CLING FILM, and put into the AIRING CUPBOARD for 30 MINUTES. While you are waiting, GREASE a BREAD TIN or COOKING TRAY. ----- After 30 minutes, the dough should have risen quite a lot. When you hit it, it will fall back. Take out of the bowl and KNEAD for a further few minutes. Then shape into ONE LOAF or EIGHT ROLLS, and ROLL in the SESAME SEEDS. Put into the TIN/onto the TRAY and put back into the AIRING CUPBOARD for a further 45 MINUTES. After 35 MINUTES, switch the OVEN on to GAS MARK 5/6. Fill a DEEP BAKING TRAY with WATER, and place in the BOTTOM OF THE OVEN. Leave this tray in all through the cooking. ----- After 45 minutes, the ROLLS should have about doubled in size, and the LOAF should have risen over the top of the TIN. Put the BREAD into the OVEN, and COOK for 30 MINUTES, CHECKING after 20 minutes. LEAVE TO COOL. -----

When the BREAD is COOL, CAREFULLY take out of TIN, and place UPSIDE DOWN on a BAKING TRAY. Do the same for ROLLS. COOK at GAS MARK 3/4 until DONE. The BREAD should be nice and brown all over, and should sound HOLLOW when you tap it. ENJOY!

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