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Heal yourself - swollen knees

From: theyounghegelians
Category: Other stuff
Date: 30 August 2003


This is very good. Healing yourself, taking responsibility for your health, being well not ill, is also a revolutionary act.

(Inflamed: red and warm compared with other knee and surrounding area).

Soda Pack

This is for swelling that is NOT INFLAMED.

Take A handful of Washing Soda Crystals and crush them to the consistency of coarse salt. Place this in a square of natural cloth, such as a cotton or linen handkerchief and fold the cloth around the crushed crystals to create a packet approx 2 inches square.

After protecting any open cuts with an application of Vaseline, place the packet against the lower half of the swelling and tie it in place, making sure the bindings are not too tight so as to restrict circulation.

Wrap all in a towel to absorb the moisture. Leave this on overnight (ie. 6-8hrs).

DO NOT repeat more than three times per week.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pack

Used for swelling WITH INFLAMATION.

Cover any open cuts with Vaseline to prevent the vinegar stinging. Soak a flannel in apple cider vinegar and put it on the injury and wrap all in clingfilm. You can leave this on for a longtime, topping up the vinegar after a while if desired.

This is good for ‘deep-seated’ bruises, ‘Black nail’, etc

Remember Jack & Jill – she wraped his “broken crown with vinegar and brown paper”!

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