How to shave

From: Garibaldy
Category: Other stuff
Date: 01 September 2003


Thoroughly wet your face with hot water - as hot as you can stand.

Wash your face, then wet again with hot water.

Put on a tiny bit of oil - fancy shave oil, or any oil really. Not too much, and don't rely on this alone, or your razor will clog.

Put on a little shave gel - King of Shaves best but expensive - mixed with more warm water.

Shave downwards with a blade with a lubricated strip thing. Shaving upwards against the hair is smoother but means more razor-burn.

Rinse your blade every stroke in hot water - cold is a killer - remember the aim is to remove every bit of hair from the blade - so be vigorous!

Rinse really really well with water as hot as you can stand.

Pat dry, and use an after-shave containing glycerin - this is a magic thing that stops your skin stinging. Don't make the mistake of using moisturiser type stuff - this can really sting as it evaporates, whereas the glycerin is absorbed. Alcohol ones are just self-abuse.