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Punch-Drunk Love on DVD release

From: S.J.D
Category: Films
Date: 05 September 2003


I saw an excellent film the other night that is on par to 'Being John Malkovich' Punch-Drunk has just beeen released on DVD on a 2set compilation with outtakes and trailers. This surreal film is indie, off beat and very penetrating in one's own conscious.

It stars Adam Sandler (The Wedding Singer)Barry or more should I say Bradley type insular but business minded geek. He has a non sex life and his six sisters call him 'Gay Boy'. Barry has an anger problem - he basically is a bit of a spastic when it comes to social events. So he phones up a call centre(a booty call),they take his credit card details and home address. The plot unfolds Barry gets black-mailed so he destroys his credit card details and not pays. So the call girl and her six red-neck brothers who also work at a Mattress Company head after him to Los Angeles.

While this is happening one of his sisters is fixing him up on a date. The female role goes to a British actor Emily Watson (Breaking Waves)also a off-beat who is starry eyed for Barry. After a long drawn out conversation they go on their first date. But Barry has a fit of anger and destroys a restaurant toilet.

The Red-necks are after Barry - they know where he lives. So with all the air mile coupons Barry has got from buying Chocolate mouses he goes to Hawaii to visit his new found girlfriend who is now on business.

Coming home from the romantic outing the red-necks storm Barry's car smashing the bumper and hurting his girlfriend.So Barry in a fit of rage smashes the heads of the red-necks with an iron rod.

Finally he takes his anger out on the phone to the ring leader of the mattress company and booty call centre run by his sister or girlfriend? Next thing you know geeky Barry has turned up in the south to have it out with Mattress man.

Everything is resolved and Barry and his girlfriend hopefully live together peace and harmony.

Excellent film and a must watch for people who don't like main-stream cinema. It has even has a great deal of abstract film sequences that compilment the film.

Adam Sandler is perfect for this film and plays it well.

Next film I will see is 'Adaption'

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