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Date: 06 September 2003


Suede 'Singles'

Suede is now seen as one of the UK’s best bands in Britain. They are musicians with edge and balls to stand up to the critics who have criticized their pretentious song writing and glam appeal. Next month will see the release of their new album titled ‘Singles’ (20th October) a compilation of course of singles that has spanned over a brilliant ten-year chart success career. That is not to say their career has ended but probably just started. With the album comes a new single released on 6th October called ‘Attitude’, If the PR men do their bit we should see this single flying high in the charts. Brett Anderson came out of Haywood’s Heath with idea he was going to be the best god damn pop icon of the 1990’s. David Bowie, Morrissey and Iggy Pop were channelled into his subconscious and the eagle came out of the flames. His pub band stayed together and shot for the stars with the heavens raining gold the band headed off for the big time. “The history of this fucking band is ridiculous. It’s like Machiavellian rewriting fear and loathing in las Vegas. It involves a cast of thousands. It should star Charlton Heston.It’s like a pram that’s just been pushed down a hill. It’s always been fiery and tempestuous and really on the edge and it never stops. I don’t think it ever will,” explained Brett Anderson in 1994.

Their first single ‘Be my God’ is now a collectors item worth over a £100s quid, with the b-side ‘Art’ it gives you a taste of things to come. But Suede has decided not to push this rarity on to this ‘singles’ album.

Suede went into orbit in 1992 has their new album Suede hit the shops. I can remember their first release ‘The Drowners’ being on The Chart Show, Saturday morning. Brilliant piece of amateur video footage I have ever seen. With other hits from the album; ‘Metal Mickey’, ‘Animal Nitrate’ and ‘So Young’, Suede had successfully conquered indie and pop charts. Winning the Mercury Prize was also a gift horse. Not many bands do well after winning this prize but Suede were on course for world domination. Suede was the forerunner to Brit Pop along side Blur before Oasis hit the scene.

History was written but bad blood was boiling in the band when Suede’s guitarist and co-songwriter Bernard Butler walked out when recording their second album ‘Dog Man Star’. Richard Oakes replaced Bernard Bulter. A new single ‘Stay Together’ was released which didn’t get a slot on the album. Brett and the band do not like this song, and it wasn’t going to be on ‘singles’ but in my opinion it is the best piece of music from the band. The eight-minute single is harrowing, moody and so pretentious. It is their biggest single chart position to date and so the three piece band carried on. Other singles from ‘Dog Man Star’ are ‘We are the pigs’ and the brilliant ‘The Wild Ones’ Brett’s favourite and ‘New Generation’. The album was their least successful but in the Guardian poll in is in the 100 greatest records of all time.

‘Coming up’ was released in September 1996 and went straight to number one. With a new band member Neil Codling the line up was complete for one of the best Suede albums. This is Suede’s pop most album with glamour models, film stars and drug addicts as their props. With the biggest hits on one album ‘Trash’, Beautiful Ones’, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Lazy’ and ‘Film Star’ Europe was their playground and they basically kicked ass.

The band returned in May 1999 ‘Electricity’, single, went top 5. Head Music was their new album gave them their third number one. The album was cold, electronic and sparse but has good singles like ‘She’s in fashion’, which was Suede’s biggest ever radio hit. ‘Everything must flow’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough’ were minor hits for the band.

In October 2002 Suede returned with new album called ‘A New Morning’, a new start? Alex Lee replaced Neil Codling and Brett cleaned up his act with the countryside in his mind the new songs have a slower less driven appeal but it’s still Suede. ‘Positivity’ and ‘Obsessions were the only two singles released from this album.

September 2003 and Suede going on tour soon with a week long concert Institute of Contemporary Art from Monday 22nd September for a week-long celebration of their illustrious career as pop pioneers. Suede will play five unique concerts, each of them featuring a different Suede album in its entirety. This will be the first time many of these songs have ever been performed live in public - and almost certainly the only chance to hear some of them ever. To make each night even more special, Suede will encore with a selection of b-sides and rarities, chosen by the fans themselves from the broad sweep of Suede's rich musical her

The album is released on October 20 and features all of their 19 singles to date, plus two new tracks, ‘Attitude’ and ‘Love The Way You Love’. ‘Attitude’ will be released as a single on October 6.The tracklisting runs: 'Beautiful Ones' 'Animal Nitrate' 'Trash' 'Metal Mickey' 'So Young' 'The Wild Ones' 'Obsessions' 'Filmstar' 'Can’t Get Enough' 'Everything Will Flow' 'Stay Together' 'Love The Way You Love' 'The Drowners' 'New Generation' 'Lazy' 'She’s In Fashion' 'Attitude' 'Electricity' 'We Are The Pigs' 'Positivity' 'Saturday Night'

Suede are older, meaner and a excellent British act. Good on yeah

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