Apple Macs 'V' PCs

From: S
Category: Other stuff
Date: 16 September 2003


Apple Mac computers a far superior to PCs. Why?

Apple Macs' are the professional designers equipment - printers, artists, designers, film-makers, musicians and architects all use this excellent piece of modern technology. The Mac has packages like Quark, photoshop and illustrator for the professional designer. My Mac has 31GB - I can do no wrong, quick, efficient and gets the job done with no clock ticking. I-tunes is also brilliant for compiling music.

PCs are slow, the packages like Microsoft Word or Publisher are basic and amateur. The PC software is just naff and I must say that corporate outlets near you are feeding these machines to the masses. The PC is less superior machine to the Mac and always will be -If only the general public knew.

Wake up! and buy into Macs - a far greater machine with endless horizons.