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Jim Morrison and The Doors 2003

From: S.J.D
Category: Other stuff
Date: 17 September 2003


Back in 1967 in the height of flower power lived a lizard king, a drop out university student who made art house films. Deep into philsophy and mescaline this poet sank into himself on long beach, california.

The Doors group name was taken from Adlous Huxley's 'the doors of Perception' a book about Huxley's experience with mescaline.

The first Album released 'The Doors' is the break they needed into mainstream pop. With hits like 'Break on through' and 'Light my Fire', the Doors were the new gods. 'Strange Days' released the same year was also a smash with songs like 'Moonlight Drive' and 'Love me two times' are excellent catchy top 40 songs with an edge. In 1968 'waiting for the Sun was also attempting to break away from the three minute top forty teeny market. Jim was steadly putting on weight from over consumption of alchol, his favourite drink was whiskey. In 1969 the group released probably their worst album 'Soft Parade' the vocals are huskey and slobberish, 'Wild Child' is the best thing off this effort. 'Morrison's Hotel' came out in 1970 with a return to form but Jim was getting feed up of the whole rock'n'roll situation. 'LA Woman' was the last album and their best 'Riders on the Storm' and 'Crawling King Snake' was a more laid back recording, Jim looks 40 on the cover and his voice does too - but only 27 actually.

After Jim died The Doors released 'American Poet' a compilation of Jim's poetry set to music. The Doors also released two more albums in the early seventies as a trio but sadly they gave up as a group.

The albums are electrical visions of a chemical indian dancing in a trance of rock 'n' roll fueled with whiskey at the helm.

It has been 32 years since Jim Morrison died in Paris. The Doors have reunited are with a new album under production. Ian Astbury (Cult) is the new Jim - they have been touring America recently and coming to London and Birmingham in December.

This is the end

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