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Barclays Bank - 17-09-2003

From: little me
Category: Other stuff
Date: 17 September 2003


This is not going to be a full scale grouch, but, please tell me, am I the only person to notice that Barclays Bank appears (on the outside at least) to be going the way of Laker Airlines (you know, the ones that went bust back in the 80s)?

A couple of years ago they decided to send all their customers to communications hell by instituting a totally irritating automated telephone system, and then, rather than ever allowing you to speak to anyone at your branch, put you through to some 16 yr old in East of Jesus Nowhere who only started the job that morning...

This wouldn't be so irritating if, when it came to changing anything about your account (apart from transferring money and checking your balance), they could help. But they can't - you have to go into a branch. "Any branch will be able to help." Soooo not true. Go into any branch and they tell you: "Sorry, you have to go and see a Personal Advisor" in your own branch. If your branch happens to be the same as mine, you'll know how long the queues always are, regardless of hour or day.

Incidentally, *all* their branches now look like they need a facelift. I thought it was just mine (central Canterbury), but no... I did a little research this weekend, and Borough, Blackheath and Herne Bay branches are all a mess - paint chipped, scuffed and peeling, dirty windows, surly staff... and the queues... dear God... the queues...

Anyway - rather than whinge about it (any longer), I've decided to switch banks (at least for my personal accounts).

Any suggestions, anyone??

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