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Charlie Kaufman writes his 'Adaption'

From: S.J.D
Category: Films
Date: 23 September 2003


Charlie Kaufman (Nicholas Cage)is a independant screen-writer - he has just written the script 'Being John Malkovich'. While this bizarre film is being made, Charlie is about to write a new script. The producers ask Charlie to adapt a book into a screenplay about by a female journalist, Susan(Meryl Streep) on her journey into the world of exotic flowers namely The Ochard, the book is actually called 'The Orchard'

Charlie is a weak character, lonely, no girlfriend and just slightly overweight and bald. He has a split personality put across as form of a twin. His otherhalf is lively, has a girlfriend and also can write scripts. Charlie finds adapting the book hard and is feeling sick about his progress and deadline. His brother (himself) decides to track down the Susan (Streep)to ask her questions about the book.

Susan, has fallen for The Ochard thief - she has also left her husband and become a drug addict. Charlie finds this out while he hides behind the kitchen window while they were having sex. He is spotted and that's where his adaption takes hold - they try to kill him and his brother so they escape into the swamp. His brother is killed and Susan and the Orchard thief are arrested. Charlie becomes a stronger person who has ordealed so much. Now Charlie has written himself into the screenplay.

The film is slow inparts, the 'Being John Malkovich' behind the scene shots with John Cusak are interesting. Nicolas Cage has transformed himself into a middle aged overweight geek which has an element of realism. Streep is still looking young and she carries herself well but this is no way onpare with 'Being John...' the director Spike Jonze has definitely taken a U-turn.

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