Prince: Does he wear a wig?

From: W
Category: Other stuff
Date: 30 September 2003


For the past 12 years the rock n pop artist Prince has had a varied hair style - but is it a wig?

Looking back over photos of this musician I have come to the conclusion that Prince is bald. After 1990 you could see a receding hair line, he was about 32 years old at the time. 1991 saw Prince with a pile-high hair do resembling Little Richards 1950s style. Again it got worse in 1992 when he went on tour as Symbol - it must of been a wig? Prince must have had hair transplants so he covered his head with gigantic wigs? So i guess by 1994-95 his hair would have grown back- a bit if transplants had taken place? - like Elton John's great hair style.

Recent pictures of Prince shows him with an Afro - his hair changes so much from long to short over a few years or months.

Is Prince bald or grey for that matter? At 45 he must be?