Tuna and rice with cucumber slices and a glass of water

From: Rob
Category: Other stuff
Date: 22 October 2003


If anybody needs to lose weight then try the Tuna and rice diet. Always eat before 7pm and only drink water or juice for refreshments. No Sauces, no fat, you will soon see the weight drop off and it's healthy - plenty of protein, and rice for carbohydrates + add in some veg and "hey i am losing weight". You can also take this meal to work and make your work mates think your mad but they are overweight and eat junk food. Eat plenty of fruit and veg but stay clear of lots of potatoes they will only make you feel bloated. Also have Bran flakes with skimmed milk to keep the tube station in working order.

Ladies out there: stay off those processed sandwiches, crisps, coke and chocolate bars it will only spread your bottom with fat!

But remember to excerise regulary even it's walking to work or not taking the lift.

And remember drink lots of water.

Healthier mind and body, you are your own god.