invasions barbare  (the barbarian invasions) 29.10.2003

From: j wang
Category: Films
Date: 02 November 2003


the barbarian invasions was screened as one of the film festival's galas. for the extra money you lay down, you get a free bottle of water, a time out zine, and the chance to grill the director after the screening. denis arcand was well-spoken and i felt as if i had been allowed to access greater depths of the film after hearing of his views when writing and directing his script.

the film itself was a great surprise - you'll never see a light-hearted canadian movie (and often they're downright depressing), but this french-canadian film was irreligious, clever, witty and heartbreaking. a man is dying, and his wealthy son reunites all of his father's friends for a last hurrah and a celebrated death. not out in theatres until feb 2004, but this award winning film will be well worth the wait.