Muslims are the new Jews

From: Don
Category: Other stuff
Date: 03 November 2003


It's ok to dislike those awful illiberal burkha wearing antediluvian sexist Muslims. And that's without taking into account Sept 11th and all the rest of the terrorism.

There's a swarm of them going into the Mosque like black ants, sinister the way they have their own languages and special clothes (how disgusting that they oppress women, says the man whose favourite word is bitch) and whisper it, they smell different. Look I'm all for diversity, and I am not prejudiced, but there's too many of them, and why should I feel uncomfortable in my own country.

This is the new acceptable racism. It's ok to criticize Muslims, they are against are good old liberal values. Shame that the anti-muslim stuff is the same old shit people used to say about the Jews, pre-Holocaust. Do we really need to dislike people because they are different, look different, talk different? Are not evangelical Christians much more frightening than Muslims? Enough of this. Stop falling into the boring traps. Will history never teach you.