selling insurance from India to London

From: Ki
Category: Other stuff
Date: 03 November 2003


How beautiful it is to receive a call from a woman in India selling me American Life health and accident insurance! The line is tinny and her English Indian. I express no interest in protecting myself from risk. She tells me that is not about my interest. It is about evaluating the policy. I don't want to evaluate it. I am confident in the risks I am taking. Exactly the 30 day trial would make you even more secure with the risks. I know I don't wnat any insurance. A man with my voice should look at the small print. I am sure I am not interested. laughing now. On and and the dance goes. Ending. Goodbye, thank you for phoning me about this offer. Goodbye Mr. I hope your confidence continues.

I love outsourcing. Exotic telesales.