'Woman In Black' Rare Video on EBay

From: SD
Category: Films
Date: 13 November 2003


The Woman in Black `A Spine-Chilling Ghost Story`

Maybe you can remember back in Christmas 1989 when Central Television put this Tv film on. Now, Woman in Black is on theatres around the country and the video is deleted, there is a demand for this rare video noiw selling for 40+ on Ebay.

A routine legal assignment turns into a horrific nightmare for young solicitor Arthur Kidd (Adrian Rawlins) when he is sent to the small market town of Crythin Gifford to settle up the estate of Alice Drablow. After saving the life of a young gypsy girl, he becomes embroiled in a macabre curse that haunts Crythin Gifford and his innocent interference fuels the wrath of the mysterious figure known as The Woman in Black. Befriended by local landowner Sam Toovey (Bernard Hepton), Kidd attempts to unravel the chain of events before they drive him to the brink of insanity.

An Excellnt British film that should be televised again for audiences who have seen the play.