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flęches sans corps -video/sound installation  28 Nov - 19 Dec 2003

Category: Exhibitions
Date: 14 November 2003


flęches sans corps, an interdisciplinary installation by the artist Juan delGado in collaboration with a group of International Artists and the London Metropolitan University.

The images in flęches sans corps emerge with an elegiac tone as the work explores the traumatic experience that many so-called ‘illegal’ immigrants face after being forced to leave their homeland.

“I want to create a space that generates silence; it is by the sea, where we all confront our dreams and desires…” Every day we hear of the horrors ‘illegal’ immigrants endure at the hands of people-traffickers. Across Europe, many people are duped into paying huge sums of money to be smuggled to the West with the promise of a good job and a better life. The catalogue of death in recent times speaks for itself: hundreds drowned annually crossing the Mediterranean to Spain, Italy, France and Greece.

An important aspect of this work is the way in which it relates to the viewer’s own vulnerability. Meaning results from a symbiotic encounter between the audience and the work that incorporates image and surrounding sound. However, understanding is achieved not only through what is seen or heard but also by the physical involvement with sculptural elements in the space.

To date, Juan delGado has produced work that deals with the concept of trauma and cruelty. delGado has shown internationally at media arts & film festivals. He was selected for the John Kobal Photographic Awards for his series The Wounded Image (1997-2002).He also was an artist-in-residence at the Wellcome Trust in 2003.

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