Hiroshi Sugimoto <18 January 2004 Serpentine Gallery London

From: Fran
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 18 November 2003



Sugimoto's photos would make great conversation pieces in very tasteful and expensive apartments. Urbanites need to unwind with the monochrome sublime after a hard day at the office. The photos are mounted in a way that makes them into luxurious objects, like flat panel tvs or a thin coffee table. The surfaces are finer than fine, and you can't see the photograph, they're what people might call, in their obvious way, painterly.

I think Hiroshi's ok. His trees and seascapes are kinda beautiful,although I found his flickering candle a bit art school pretentious. Didn't think much looking at them, the sea is sublime, the trees in the park at night are gorgeous, and so the pictures of these things captured with attuned taste have a little bit of that magic.