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the electric storm, southbank 18.11.03

From: jwang
Category: Other stuff
Date: 19 November 2003


this is a corporate attempt at re-branding, but as long as they are splashing out money on seeming less evil, why not promote environmental alternatives? Shell is sponsoring The Electric Storm, happening now at the south bank. it opened yesterday with minimal press attention, and with much confusion amongst the joggers and commuters happening by.

this four month event is to promote alternative energy sources, and what better way to do this than to stick a wind turbine in the jubilee gardens? this wind turbine will provide all the power for a nightly show of mist and lights in the trees along the south bank.

last night at the opening, a picture of clouds was projected against the shell building (across from the jubilee gardens), french men (well, at least i was told they were french!) tumbled and crawled around the concrete garrisons, and fireworks shot off from the gardens and the various scattered points, leading from the millenium wheel side towards the national theatre. a few people ran along after the acrobatic frenchmen, and i followed towards the queen elizabeth hall, only to be given the fright of my life as huge fireworks were set off from the top of the building. it seemed kind of a nice shock but the whole thing was rather droopy.

it's a nice idea, but why is this happening in the winter? why make bad british weather even worst by spraying passersby with cold, damp mist? probably only worth looking at from across the river, or from one of the footbridges.

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