London Protests against Bush Thursday 20 November: Stop the War etc.

From: Ralph Boden
Category: Other stuff
Date: 21 November 2003


In the morning the TV showed scenes of bloody faces and blown out British buildings in Istanbul, and my nationalistic consciousness flickered into flame. They had attacked us, and I would be disloyally demonstrating the same day.

What crap, and I shall let you use your own intelligence to reach that conclusion . The march, protest, demo ( what hateful anachronisms! why no new words: because politics is history) was not bad as these things go, enough people, a nice autumn walk, no prevalence of bourgeoiss as with the pre-war stop the war events. A whistle sounded a few shrieks of derision as we passed the cenotaph, and the booing reached Blair's bobbies in Downing Street. Round the houses and offices, and momuments to great soldiers and imperialists(BUTCHERS! they cry), over the angry gray river, and back to bring down Bush's effigy in the Square by the gallery where Poussin's figures dance more brightly round their golden calf.

Effect: Nil. But better than nothing.