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Zoe and Dan's South American Adventures Wednesday, November 05,

Category: Exhibitions
Date: 26 November 2003


Had a great, great time in the Galapagos Islands. 8 days on a boat, me hearties...and lots of wildlife - underwater meetings with sharks, turtles, sealions and tropical fish and on land rendezvous with sealions, turtoises, iguanas and all manner of bird life - spent a lot of time admiring the sexual paraphernalia of the male frigate bird (as you do...). Had a guide so expect Bellamy/Attenborough/Cousteau rammblings when you next meet us. Zoe had a 'Jaws' type incident one afternoon where she and a few others were circled by a big (unfriendly) shark. They were all quickly and con muchas panica dragged back into the small boat. Needless to say I'm no Romy Schneider (rent video for details) and didn't dive into save her. Plenty of British moany types on the boat to keep intrigue up as well as the 3rd division of the israeli army. Had great weather and only one choppy navigation (where my breakfast and dinner reappeared!). Taken lots of photos, including 12 of a lava flow, so i'm sure you'll be fascinated to view them at our slide show (book now April 20th 2004, or book a long journey away).

We are now in Cuenca the colonial jewel of equador - a really relaxing atmosphere and a short holiday within a holiday for us before we break for the border (to Peru). Had a ride on the 'most difficult train journey in the world' so dubbed for its its circumnavigation of a steep cliff face. We sat on the top of the train to get good views and pretend we were in India.

Had a night on the tiles (our first in 4 weeks! honest!) and felt very poorly yesterday. It was all Zoe's fault. With hangover went to Ingapirca which is the premier Inca ruins of this country. We had a guide thrown in with the price of the ticket so learnt some stuff about the virgins and priests who they think used to live there. Had a night off the beer yesterday and compensated with large bowls of ice-cream (there being 10s of parlours here).

We'll sign off for now. Food parcels of non-egg products (our cholesterol levels are rising to emergency levels!) can be sent post restante. Missing you all - send us your latest as we don't have any friends here apart from an odd assortment of a dour mancunian, various new age americans, didgerido playing neighbours (we are still speaking to each other though).

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