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Date: 01 December 2003


Venezuelans enjoy an array of traditional dishes and drinks. Most of the dishes in Venezuela are prepared with different kinds of ingredients, including grilled or fried fish or chicken usually served with rice, caraotas negras (black beans), arepas, fried sweet/salty plantain, soups, and/or salads. Also, there is a great variety of fish that includes red snapper, dorado, trout, baby shark (cazón), clams, oysters and other shellfish are also widely enjoyed.

For example, the famous "arepas" which consist of corn or wheatflour based pancake and they can be filled with cheese, ham, salad, eggs, sausages, or baby shark (cazón). Usually, Venezuelans eat the arepas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making this succulent food a must in their regular diet.

The "empanada" is a folded deep-fried corn dough, that has the shape like a half-moon, filled with chicken, cheese, ham, meat, or baby shark (cazón);

The "cachapa" that consists of a thick and sweet pancake made with maize, which is served with Venezuelan cheeses (queso guayanés or queso telita);

The "cachito", hot croissant-like bread filled with chopped ham served mostly during breakfast;

The "hallaca" is a traditional Christmas dish, which consists of maize dough filled of chunks of chopped beef, chicken and pork with olives, onion, green and red peppers, raisins and various spices and herbs all mixed together and then it is wrapped in banana leaves and boiled until is completely cooked;

The "pabellón criollo" is a complete meal that offers shredded beef, black beans (caraotas negras) and grounded cheese served with fried plantain, arepas and white rice.

Venezuelans also take advantage of their country's great variety of tropical and exotic fruits to make fresh fruit juices or "batidos" and milkshakes "merengadas". Another popular drinks in this Caribbean/South American country are the sugar cane juice with a twist of lemon or "papelón con limón" and the coconut milk popularly offered in the beaches. Also, beer, coffee, rum and/or whisky are of a high demand among Venezuelans during festivities or time of relaxation and they are usually offered to guests as welcome drinks.

see i wasnt too wrong this is from write "pabellon criollo" (images) on google to see how it looks

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