Bed and Breakfast Huddersfield

From: Fatz
Category: Other stuff
Date: 03 December 2003


BB's breakfasts are hell. At 8pm the proprietor asks you want for tomorrow, eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, mushtrooms etc. It's a choice between a rock and a soft place ( the sausage). This questioning of what you want to eat the next day is not only neurotic but a more sinsister purpose lies behind it. Fot your breakfast will be cooked there and then, so then it may be reheated in the microwave in the morning. That is the grim secret behind the grim breakfast element of B&B. It is the coup de grace, topping in awfulness the orange juice served in thimbles, the meatless sickening evil UNsausage, the rancid bacon, the plop of cheap beans, the factory laid eggs, the uncooked tomato, the dire coffee, the cardboard irradiated toast, the stale cereal, the watered down ketchup in red plastic, the little signs telling you annoying things, and every other delight the master of bad dining with chintz curtains ever dreamt up. The whir and bing sounds the punishment of stomach.

However I can report postively on one aspect of British food. GNER train have some of the best dining car food I have eaten, and the breakfast include hot nice porridge as a first course. Take a train and smash up the b and bs, it stand for bastards and bollocks you know.