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From: Galahad
Category: Books
Date: 09 December 2003


Due to a distinct lack of 'reviews' on this 'review' website, I've submitted a number of compact comments on various things I've read/done/drank recently.

BOOKS 'Fevre Dream' by George RR Martin: Vampires on a Mississippi steamboat... superb. 'The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever' by Stephen Donaldson: Epic Leper Fantasy... brilliant. 'The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant' by Stephen Donaldson: Not very good. 'Collected Ghost Stories' by MR James: Suitably errie.

DRINKS 'Fiddlers Elbow' by Wychwood Brewery: Delicious.

MUSIC EVENTS 'The Levellers' live at Liverpool Academy 29th Nov 2003: Great night out, very loud.

MUSIC 'Sonic Temple' by The Cult: Recent upgrade from vinyl to CD... 6 great songs, 6 bland songs.

Thank you