Zoe and Dan's South American Adventures: snowballs

Category: Other stuff
Date: 11 December 2003


Returned sore-footed fron Inca Trail. The walk was hard (for us) i.e uphill a lot, followed by downhill a lot and then more uphill...for 4 days (apparently record for trail is 3 hours 45 mins!!!!). Scenery amazing: cloud forest, inca ruins, jungle, andean slopes, snow capped mountains. Lots of high stone steps and at times the weather was boiling hot and at night freezing cold (thank god for our glamorous long johns and rain ponchos). Z decided to have strange turn on day 2 after we'd finished walking, requiring 15 hour sojourn in tent. Muggins had to carry half of the contents of her bag next day. Now have acute lumbago.

Macchu Picchu fantastic. Highlight was climbing the mountain Wayna Picchu (the one you always see in the sunday magazines). Views were brilliant, but was a bit of a struggle after 4 days of sloogiing). Heartily recommend visiting here for anybody not already pregnant.

Spent that last evening in some thermal baths, sipping a Pisco Sour cocktail. who says the Thomas/Palmer duo aren't all glamour!

Been on a football binge. Semi-final of the copa sudamerica went off well for "us" (Cienciano of Cusco). Got to cheer a 1-0 win with 35,000 peruvians. Last night watched them draw 3-3 with River Plate of Aregntina (in the pub this time) in leg 1 of the final. The town went wild as this is the 1st time a peruvian side has made the final (and against big bully argentina!!). Second leg is on the 19th in Peru - no doubt you'll all want to look out for the result(!).

Off to Lake Titicaca on Saturday - will see the floating reed islands and stay on some other islands. Then we will be off to Bolivia (and be there for Xmas).....will be sad to leave Peru as it has been fantastic and more than we imagined. Get to Lunn Poly quickly!