The humiliation of Saddam

From: maddas
Category: Other stuff
Date: 15 December 2003


The pictures gloatingly and deliberately beamed around the world of S.Hussein having his hair examined for lice and a saliva DNA swab taken from his mouth were intended to destroy the mystique and fear surrounding the deposed leader.

But they made me feel uncomfortable, as though we were all laughing at a smelly tramp or a dog with a firecracker tied to its tail. He was intentionally being humiliated. He was a dictator who killed many people to sustain his own power and for other nasty reasons. But we, by we I mean the concept of the West as just democrats standing up for human diginity, are meant to be against cruelty for the sake of utility. And unmistakably showing an old disoriented man, even an old ruthless killer, having the boundaries of his body transgressed, was humiliation broadcast for political gain, which is in the end of the defintitions of evil.