Bleak House by Charles Dickens

From: esther
Category: Books
Date: 28 December 2003


Madness Charles. A revolting genius of great richness and repetition. Plot upon plot, silly named character after overdrawn character. 700 pages of dying orphans, perfect young ladies, feckless men, grasping lawyers,and every kind of illustration of every kind of person Dickens ever saw or imagined in his brilliant head. Again the theme of the older man in love with the sickeningly modest and nice girl. He is a shamelessly paedophilic and manipulative man, the author and his creations. Also London, the dirty great city, and class, and the north, these are his collossal themes, besides plot and character which are where he transcends reality and loses the faint hearted.

He is Dickens. He writes everything verily in a bad dream of a maniac's disease of loquaciousness, and a man's morality in a torture of words. He is Dickens, read him without reference to reality, for he is it.