mtv celebrity cribs

From: Domino
Category: TV
Date: 04 January 2004


Some conclusions formed by watching this noxious program about the homes of minorly famous American entertainers:

They often have huge ugly empty houses that are up-scale versions of the tasteless lower middle class homes they originate from.

Their kitchen cupboards are full of junk food.

They have walk-in closets with many identical shirts, dresses, and shoes stored in boxes.

They always say at the end of the program: get out my house.

If they are intellectuals they have one shelf of books stored above the many shelves of dvds and video games.

Their dogs are usually from aggressive breeds.

Their houses in their sad threadbare luxury and ostentacious lack of identity, are reflections of their minor overpaid talents.

I would like to be a minor celebrity with a crib.