The Simple Life a tv program E4 UK starring Paris Hilton

From: domino
Category: TV
Date: 06 January 2004


Paris Hilton, famous heiress and person whose sex tapes were on the internet, and Nicole Richie,daughter of singer, go to hicksville to live on a farm for a while. Hurrah! What a pitch. And they thought of it before Paris became more famous than the romantic city.

And yes,it is a contrived freakshow of anorexic pretend spoiltness with good ol'folks faux realness, all producer propmted, contrived,combined, edited, and voice overed, into, yes, surprise, quite an entertaining 21 minutes of viewing. The unnaturalness of Paris's look, like some distortion of all the things people might think desirable (thinness, tanness, blondness, barefleshness, butt cleavageness) and the brutality of farm animal exploitation (which noone notices, or if only to be frightened by its nature, when it is of course unreally mechanized), make a graphic spectacle. If the naked heiresses chopped up the farmers, and barbecued them ,we would like it even more.