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From: Coco
Category: Other stuff
Date: 10 January 2004


It was written a month ago by myself but it may be some help to let people know about how Japanese react to JSDF dispatch to Iraq. Now Japan has decided to send JASDF and JGSDF.

My ex who has been stationed Yokosuka Naval Base for several years experienced two operations in Middle East. Not only "war", he is assigned to dangerous missions like chasing/checking N.K. suspicious boats sometimes. We are still friends. I don't talk about his mission. Even though there is no "good" war in this world, he can not reject order anyway. He chose military scholoship to get college education. Should take a responsibility.

What I can do with him for leaving to war is just believing his safe back and lifting his spirit up. Of course I don't want him to leave, I don't want him to fight, I do afraid if he would be in trouble or anything and etc. I think letting explode negative feelings against him shouldn't be good.

On the other hand, I know wishing his safe back partly means "come back in safe ASAP in spite of all sacrifice of others". Yes, it is egoistic and cruel. That's why I hate people make it happen. It is not easy at all handling with my own guilty feeling. Everytime I must admit that 100 unknown death means nothing to me when I am worring about one person I care about. I hate this feeling. I feel guilty. Like everybody says, I want to believe everybody is supposed to be treated fair. ( okay, people say that because it is not true. life is never fair, trust me. Never.)

Me: Men fight just because you wanna be a hero? Ex: No, War is different. Me: How different? Ex: I don't know. just it's different. But you don't need to know that.

Ex: JSDF may not be able to protect you from NK though, we keep eyes on them. you'll be okay. Me: Excuse me? Why you Americans take a risk to save us Japanese? Ex: Because.... JSDF are not allowed to take any action? Me: it's sucks. Ex: yeah, it is. but it's fine. I'm saving YOU.

A few of weeks, SDF despatch to Iraq is hot topic in Japan. Not a few Japanese getting upset, worried or mad. Then, actually, I didn't feel bad to see what they got. I do still remember when the middle aged guy who was performing "No War" yelled at me, the othe woman started "Americans and their Japanese girlfrinds are such a shame" speech when I was passing the street with boyfriend in the Navy, when some woman told me "your boyfriend chose joining the professional killer organization" with full of sarcastic smile. I do never forget what I felt. I will not mad at them anymore. I even wish they will end up the life without knowing this kind of suffer. They can never understand because it is not their own business. Maybe they are happy, maybe not. I chose the boyfriend who with carring the gun. It was my choice. but it is still unacceptabele getting visious message from strangers. I cannot be a woman who can marry only rich guy. I cannot be a woman who dumps the boyfrined because of his job.

Some people say we can not send SDF because there is dangerous. Some people say we can send SDF if they are NOT armed.

Well, because of their mission, reconstruction of facilities and supporting local people, they shouldn't be armed? Hey, aren't you crazy? If they are killed in accident, it is just "sorry"??? Excuse me, you can hear bang-bang everyday in there. Because there is no safe place, we can't send SDF? So, wouldn't you mind local women and kids are robbed and killed everyday? Sending civilians and then asking US army to protect them? Don't you mind if a teenage private from downtown is killed to protect Japanese civilians? Hey, don't you think it sounds strange? So, because it is the problem for local people, we shouldn't do anything with them? If we will dispatch JSDF, we have to let them get armed to protect themselves.

I don't know what is the politically correct. I don't know what is the national interest. We all keep saying "don't wanna let them go" though, do we really know what would happen if we wouldn't send JSDF? This world is not that simple. If we decided not to send JSDF, perhaps fuels cost double, shipping fee would be increased triple. 1000JPY fleece might be 3000JPY fleece or et al. Wouldn't we complain? Most Japanese may not notice it yet. This is not the problem far away from our daily lives. This issue will make a big effect on our life. So then, I don't know what is the benefit for all of us.

Some people say "it is local problem. let them re-construct their lives by themselves. Outsider should be shut up". But is that true? See North Korea. If you are the top of the country, you are allowed to starve your people? Other countries shouldn't do anything because it is "their" problem?

Some people say "what would you do if JSDF member is accidentaly killed?". Well, it is a part of their job. Wouldn't you mind if other local people are dead everyday because of robbers, poverty or etc? One JSDF member maybe save 100 people.

I don't know what is the "Right". But one thing I am pretty sure is that we would not fight if we all have enough food, drink, fuels or energy and happiness. Wish the peace.

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